Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Outfit of the Day 5-21-2012

Today I didn't get out much. But I was able to go see the 10:45pm showing of "The Dictator". The boyfriend  and I were grabbing dinner at Walmart and they had the best lighting out of every place we went. So here ya go, from the freezer isle to you... 
I wore a dress I got a MAGIC show (wholesalers convention) from a company Paper Doll Clothing. It's one of those, "Hm, don't know what to wear... OH!" My old fateful if your will...
I always wear this dress with my hardcore show girl fishnets. And what a perfect outfit to wear my new shoes.
I got them at Shiekh Shoes. They didn't have my size in store (because I have baby feet) so they had to special order them. They shipped them to my house for free. Pretty amazing... I will worn you though, these are real metal spikes, they hurt like a bitch when you scrape your ankle when you walk. But totally worth it in the name of fashion. 


Friday, May 18, 2012

Pin Up Tea Party by I Shoot PPL Studios

I shot this a couple days after VLV15... It was a wonderful group of ladies to work with:)
One in black and white...

And one with my very good friend Lisa LeFall...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Outfit of the Day 5-11-2012

(Sorry for this being so late. My computer has been on the rocks and my internet was non equidistant. But it's here now! I hope you like these and I plan to do more!) 

Today was an early day and i felt like wearing an oldie but goodie, 'Purple Roses' in pencil by Bettie Page Clothing. (No longer available in store.) By the way, dig the coral hair?

It was a bit chilly so I wore on of my favorite sweaters I got at Ye Old Rhapsodielle. I belted it so I could at least have a little bit of shape and wore gold flats cause a girl keeps it real. I worked an eight hour shift and wasn't gonna pretend like I could wear heels.
And this is one of my favorite hair flowers is from 'Vintage Hat Box 1947'

And there you have it. The perfect outfit for a perfect day of hard work!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

BEST YouTube Gurus Part 1

I am a huge fan of YouTube and all of its knowledgeable gurus. When starting to get into the retro style I didn't have any friends that were interested in the vintage look. With no one to teach me about hair and make up I started looking online. What I found were amazing tutorials with step by step techniques. It's one thing to read and look at diagrams but it's another to actually watch someone and listen to them as they guide you through the video. Lots of people ask me where I learned how to to my hair and make up and I always tell them YouTube.

(Here I did all my own hair and make up for Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Car Show #15)

YouTube is also amazing for product reviews. Now I never purchase anything make up or hair wise without looking up a review. These gurus are not sponsored (usually) by any of the companies they talk about and you can expect to get honest opinions. One of my favorite YouTubers is hollyannaeree. Every month she does a hits or misses video that usually can be a half hour. I love them because not only are they like an episode on TV but she covers all the bases from high end, to drugstore make up and hair products. She has great honesty and is very knowledgeable. 
One of my all time favorite Vintage gurus would be LisaFreemontStreet. She has taught me everything from cutting my 'Bettie' bangs to the history of make up from the 1920's to the 1960's. What I love about her is that she actually lives the lifestyle and truly is knowledgeable of everything vintage. She also does retro reproduction clothing reviews.This is very helpful because most of vintage repro is on online and you are not able to see or feel how something may fit. I have met her twice before durning Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekenders and she is just as sweet in person as she is on YouTube.

If you want to learn how to do a pin curl set look no further than ClassicRetroGlamour's YouTube channel. This is where I learned that just because I have ten tons of hair doesn't mean I cannot pin curl my head. She is the best.
For all your corset needs bishonenrancher is a must. Her channel is where I learned about what actually goes into corset training and what happens to your body. She reviews and makes her own corsets. She has done videos on different lacing techniques, along with videos on how to make your very own corset. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Everyone has been asking me about my eyebrows!

Here are all the answers to your questions!

1- Yes! I do have hair for eyebrows and my shape is all mine.
2- They are not dyed.
3- I use multiple products to get the shade that works for my hair color.

Step ONE- Lightly trace your eyebrows with a black eyeliner.

I use Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeliner in 'Velvet Black'. I like it because other eyeliners can be too intense and this one is just how should I say... crappy enough that it doesn't have too much pay off. It gets the job done. I've used Kat Von D's Autograph Pencil in 'Puro Amor Black' and it's almost too good. Too black and too creamy of texture can be a mess when blending. The point of tracing the shape with black is to have to wax like texture to hang onto powder and make sure bright colors don't get out of hand.

STEP TWO- Pack on bright eye

Now the fun part. I take an angle brush with NYX's eye shadow in 'Africa' and fill in my brows. Its a HOT red. That's where the black comes in. Blending these two together makes the red shut up and become more of a burgundy. After vigorous blending I add a touch of Urban Decay's purple eye shadow in 'Flash'. I like to run the purple through because it cools down the crazy red and makes it closer to my hair color.

*Presto! You're finished! Maybe one day I'll upload a video to YouTube to show you in real time what I'm babbling about but for now I hope this curves your apatite! Enjoy.